Healthcare Certificate

Offered to all students enrolled in a degree-granting program at MIT, we designed the Healthcare Certificate to build a community with an understanding of the complex challenges in healthcare and the tools to make a difference in tackling them.  If you are interested in forging a career within the health industry—healthcare consulting, healthcare delivery systems, healthcare innovation and entrepreneurship, or the pharmaceutical and biomedical industries—the Healthcare Certificate provides invaluable foundational knowledge and practical, hands-on industry experience.

By earning the Healthcare Certificate you will:

1. Understand the nature of the US healthcare system, including the interactions between payers, providers, patients and policy makers.

2. Understand the relationship between biomedical science, clinical medicine and biomedical business.

3. Develop tools to streamline the operations of healthcare and supportive industries.

4. Understand how to build new businesses in this fast-growing space.

5. Join a community of students and faculty from across MIT, along with industry partners, to understand and address complex challenges in healthcare through certificate-sponsored lectures and company presentations.

6. Demonstrate that you have focused on healthcare courses and hands-on industry experience during your time at MIT.

The Healthcare Certificate leverages MIT’s culture of interdisciplinary collaboration, integrating world-class teaching in management, engineering, and the sciences with rich action-learning experiences. The Certificate program takes advantage of opportunities provided by the Cambridge/Boston healthcare ecosystem populated with world premier healthcare institutions, biomedical companies, and biomedical investigators.

The Healthcare Certificate’s innovative curriculum and flexible structure allow you to explore your specific health-related academic and career interests. Its vibrant network of students, faculty, and industry partners fuels research and knowledge-creation activities as well as professional employment and hiring opportunities.

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Healthcare Certificate Committee:

  • Joseph Doyle, Professor, MIT Sloan School of Management
  • Richard Cohen, Professor, Institute of Medical Engineering and Science
  • Anne Quaadgras, Senior Lecturer, MIT Sloan School of Management