Healthcare Certificate Curriculum and Requirements

The curriculum for the Healthcare Certificate is built on course offerings within MIT Sloan and across MIT and includes relevant educational opportunities at other institutions. The wide array of approved courses and action-learning opportunities—balanced with a minimum of mandatory core requirements—allows you to tailor the program to meet your specific interests within the health industry. 

Please note: you may only enroll in the certificate if you are currently enrolled in a degree program at MIT.

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  •  Three required courses and electives totaling at least 9 units.
  •  Some courses have prerequisites.
     Make sure you take the prerequisites or speak with the instructor to waive them or click here

Required courses:


Our goal is to be flexible in approving electives, allowing you to pursue your specific interests in healthcare. You must complete at least 9 units.

Below is a summary and mock up on how to fit Healthcare Certificate requirements into your schedule.

Year one, students must take the prerequisites for 15.777, Healthcare Lab and may take an elective, 15.132, Medicine for Managers and/or 15.141/15.S06, Economics of the Healthcare Industries in the spring.

Year two, students must take 15.777, Healthcare Lab in the fall, with 15.132, Medicine for Managers  and 15.141/15.S06, Economics of the Healthcare Industries offered in the spring.

Students may complete their electives in either semester.

Prereqs are in green, Required Classes are in Orange and Electives are in blue

Year 1

Year 2



15.060 Data Models & Decisions (prereq for 15.777)

15.777 Healthcare Lab (H-Lab)

15.761 Introduction to Operations (prereq for 15.777)

Fall Electives:
15.124 (9), 15.136 (9), 15.371(12), HST.953 (12)



15.761 Intro to Operations Management (if needed)


15.730 EMBA equivalent of 15.060


15.132 Medicine for Managers

15.141/15.S06 Economics of the Healthcare Industries

Spring Electives:
10.53J and 7.548J (3), 15.232* (6), 15.363 (9) 15.367 (12), 15.371* (12)
15.480 (9), 15.482 (9), 15.784 (9)*15.S18 (15) *HST.212 (6), HST.962 (4) 
HST.S58 (6), HST 936 (options for 3,6, or 12), HST.956 / 6.S897 (12)


15.734 EMBA equivalent of 15.761


* Project in health care