April Health Management Seminar with Paul Osterman, E62-450, 11:30-12:50

April 13, 2017 - 11:30am
  • Health Management Seminar
E62-450, 11:30-12:50
  • On Campus Event

Who Will Care For Us:  Long Term Care And The Long Term Care Workforce

The demand for long term care will grow, due both to the exploding elderly population and the needs of the non-elderly disabled. We spend hundreds of billions of dollars providing this care and cost projections point towards much higher expenditures. Today this care is provided by an army of poorly paid and poorly trained direct care workers. Not only is this a problem for the quality of care but it also contributes to America’s challenge of growing labor market inequality. The presentation will discuss these issues with a focus on strategies for improving the jobs and contributions of direct care workers.

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