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Retsef Levi

J. Spencer Standish (1945) Professor of Management
Professor of Operations Management
MIT Sloan School of Management

Professor Levi has extensive experience working with various industry partners in the health industry on a broad range of challenges related to system re-design and optimization and the development of decision support tools in impatient and outpatient settings, including issues related to patient flow, capacity bed management, scheduling and staffing, drug adherence, safety and risk management and design-for-performance principles. 

Professor Levi has been working in collaboration with some of the largest academic medical centers (AMCs) in the Boston area and across the US (MGH, BIDMC, Boston Children’s Hospital, Sloan Kettering Cancer Center, Presbyterian Hospital System). He was involved in several large-scale implementations and impact evaluation based on the work he conducted. Levi’s work also includes the development of new paradigms related to core issues, such as safety and risk management in health systems, understanding costs in health networks, prospective models to assess nursing workload and the study of the impact of patient care discontinuities. Levi has been working with various pharmaceutical and biomedical companies on issues related to the design and optimization of clinical trials and efficient manufacturing. He is principal investigator on a large FDA-MIT contract to develop a systematic risk management approach to address risks related to economically motivated adulteration of imported food and drug products and ingredients manufactured in China, and he is a co-PI on an Abdul Latif Jameel World Water and Food Security Lab MIT Award as part of the institute initiative on food and water safety and security. Levi is involved in collaborative research projects with several MIT Sloan colleagues, including Joe Doyle, David Gamarnik and Kate Kellogg.

Contact Retsef Levi at retsef@mit.edu or 617.253.4155

Contact his staff: Ariel Brandner at abrandne@mit.edu or 617.253.6605

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Joseph Doyle

Erwin H. Schell Professor of Management
Professor of Applied Economics
MIT Sloan School of Management

Professor Doyle is a health economist working on measuring returns to healthcare (i.e., the relationship between healthcare spending and health outcomes, such as mortality and hospital admissions) with the goal of identifying value and waste in the $3 trillion United States healthcare system. Doyle’s work considers spending at the regional level and the hospital level, as well as spending within the hospital by specialists versus general practitioners and for particular procedures and diagnoses. Much of his research discovers settings where differences in treatment are effectively random to circumvent confounding factors.  

Contact Joseph Doyle at jjdoyle@mit.edu or 617.452.3761

Contact his staff: Tamar St. Julien at stjulien@mit.edu or 617.253.8318

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Anne Quaadgras

Director & Senior Lecturer

Her work focuses on health systems transformation, and the role of information technology in supporting that change. Anne mentors 15.777, Healthcare Lab. 

Prior to her doctoral work, Anne was a management consultant for fifteen years, specializing in improving decision-making and investment processes in the chemical, pharmaceutical, and financial services industries.

She holds a Bachelor’s and Master’s degree in chemical engineering from MIT. Anne earned her doctorate in information systems at Boston University, where her dissertation research explored how globally distributed groups of experts recognize and respond to operational problems.

Contact: Anne Quaadgras aquaad@mit.edu

Contact her staff: Lisa Maloney lmaloney@mit.edu


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Lisa Maloney

Senior Administrator

Initiative for Health Systems Innovation (HSI)

MIT Sloan School of Managemen

Lisa joined MIT Sloan’s Management Science area in June 2017 to provide administrative support to Anne Quaadgras and the Initiative for Health Systems Innovation (HSI). She has previously been part of the MIT community through employment in the Biology Department and the Industrial Liaison Program, Startup Exchange.

Lisa has a degree in studio art from the University of Rhode Island.  Her photography can be viewed at her website lisa maloney photography

Contact Lisa Maloney at lmaloney@mit.edu or 617.324.7782

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