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MIT Sloan to host conference on leveraging analytics for a proactive health system
Anne Quaadgras, director of HSI and senior lecturer at MIT Sloan, says, "The existing healthcare system is disconnected and reactive. It won't be fixed by individuals, but rather multiple teams of people representing different disciplines. As a leader in thought and action, MIT Sloan is well positioned to bring people together to think about healthcare as a system and discuss new ways to approach this problem, particularly using data and analytics.  November 29,2018

Removing health care barriers and boundaries  Through transformative use of telemedicine, researcher and instructor Amar Gupta hopes to achieve better, quicker, and less expensive health care for all. MIT News May 22,2018

Defending Hospitals Against Life-Threatening Cyber Attacks - Mohammad S. Jalali

Despite widespread concern about a lack of cybersecurity funding, two surprising factors more directly determine whether a hospital is well protected 

Read the full article - Scientific American, April 25, 2018


How an analytics-based predictive model can improve kidney transplant survival rates
Graphic design by Mimi Phan

In the U.S., around 16,000 kidney transplants are performed each year. Yet 100,000 Americans are on the transplant waiting list.

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