Health Systems Innovation

Health is essential to quality of life. It is key to the strength of a nation’s culture and its economy and more than ever before, health care is in the process of transformation. The MIT Sloan Initiative for Health Systems Innovation (HSI) is playing a pivotal role in that transformation. HSI brings together faculty, researchers, and practitioners from across MIT and around the world to advance health management and delivery. Contact us

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Attend our 2016 Conference!

When: October 21, 2016 8am-3pm

Where: Wong Auditorium, E51

Bringing together industry leaders and MIT faculty, the 2016 MIT Heath Innovations Conference will feature state-of-the-art ideas and research on the biggest challenges faced by the healthcare industry in the US and abroad. You are invited to join the discussion about the state of telemedicine and digital health, new strategies in managing chronic illnesses and the "last mile" problem in designing pay for performance. Learn about health innovations and entrepreneurship in technology, analytics and systems. More information, including agenda available here.

  • General Registration                                          $175
  • MIT Students (Promo Code 'sloanie')                  $50
  • Dean's Circle Members ($100 off with Promo Code)

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Spotlight: Model Offers New Insight into Health Exchanges

A model of health exchanges by Sloan School economist Michael Whinston and colleagues is offering new insight into a particularly challenging management issue for the exchanges.

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